Corvid-19 - Bury HF: Current Advice

Currently, all Bury HF group walks remain suspended. The situation will be monitored closely and we will reintroduce organised group walks only when we feel confident it is safe to do so. 

New Government Rules - 24th June 2020

Under the new rules we can exercise with up to five others from different households provided strict physical distancing guidelines are followed. Our advice is to limit contact with others and if you are clinically vulnerable or over 70 years of age you are advised to take particular care to minimise contact with other people who are not part of your household.


If you choose to walk with other members of Bury HF, this will not be considered an HF activity and will not be covered by HF insurance

Advice to walkers

Whether alone, with your family or with members of another household, we advise all walkers to:

1 - Be prepared 

Some hotspots could be busy and facilities such as car parks, shops and especially toilets may be closed or access reduced, so plan ahead before setting out - including checking the relevant website for your destination.  Some locations remain closed to visitors

2 - Be safe

Support our NHS, emergency services and rescue teams by avoiding riskier outings and abiding by the latest guidance for England including on hygiene and physical distancing, particularly if you meet anyone from another household.  

If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. People 70 and over and those with certain underlying conditions are more vulnerable than others, and so are advised to take particular care to avoid contact with others.

3 - Be considerate 

You can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance, as long as you can return the same day and do not put others at risk because of services you may need in the time you are away. But, be sensitive to rural communities if considering travelling further from home to walk.  In many cases, the best option will be to stay local and explore the local area on foot.

4 - Path Restrictions 

If you are concerned that a path has been blocked illegally or restrictions have been put in place unlawfully, please report this to our Footpaths Officer, Roger Sharp. You can contact him on 0161 761 1334 or 07950 376 545. His email address is Try to include location details, a photograph and a map reference if possible.

Two New Links

There are links to check on Holcombe Range closures and Peel Tower open dates. Just go to the Links page.

Other News

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays


Bury HF has joined the Walking Partnership.  This partnership, supported by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, provides direct financial contributions to local walking groups. 


If you're thinking of booking an outdoor holiday have a look at what Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has to offer by clicking HERE  Please remember when you book to quote the name of our group and we will then receive a very useful financial contribution. 


It really does make a big difference to us! 

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